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Suzanne Richards

Born in Western Australia, Suzanne has drawn from a young age (like most artists), influenced heavily as a toddler watching Disney and it's world of magic, illusion, fairies and fantasy. Suzanne has always been inspired by the comic book, animation and fantasy world. Being a cat person, Catwoman is her favourite comic book character and the antics of Warner Bros Sylvester her other favourite. Suzanne's world of fantasy started when she grew up watching Disney and the TV series Bewitched - fascinated with the magical antics of Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha - this is still her all time favourite show.

Suzanne uses pencil and paper to start her drawings, those these days she sometimes uses the computer to sketch. She works in watercolours, acrylics or digitally paints, usually using Corel Painter. Her artwork has become popular for her trad-digital style of rendering in pencil and colouring in Painter. Advice Practice, practice, practice! Sketch something everyday! Look at different reference materials, draw from life and never stop learning. Books can be a great source for learning.


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